Create Excitement while I Drive! 

A second-look is rarely enough – frequently pedestrians and people driving alongside you be so interested in what you are driving, you will almost daily get your moment of fame while they take your picture. 

Make the World a Friendlier Place!  

Stoplights and parking spots turn into social events when you are with your Myers Motors electric vehicle.  People are curious ... the vehicles themselves are friendly looking ... and if you are feeling in a social mood, you will not lack the opportunity to connect with others.

Clean the Air:  

Yes, you’ve seen the ad where an electric car is hauling around a dirty air stack, but the reality is that Myers Motors electric vehicles, even if run on 100% coal-derived electricity, are cleaner than a 50-mpg gasoline/hybrid powered car.  And, if your electricity happens to be derived from your own solar panels or from wave power or from the wind or nuclear, then your carbon footprint is virtually non-existent.  Don’t believe the misinformation. 

Help my City:

The worst health damage from burning carbon to produce transportation energy occurs when that energy is created in large volumes in smaller areas where a large concentration of people live and work.  Hundreds of thousands of cars daily burning oil to propel their (mostly) single occupant filled cars in and around cities creates the most unhealthy concentration of air of all – and by electrifying your commute, you help bring healthier air to your city.

Leave a Legacy: 

We have been driving gasoline-powered cars now for almost 100 years.  If we project another 100 years of using resources the way we have been over these last 100 years, will the world be a better, healthier place? Change starts somewhere ... and we usually like the other person to be the change.  Myers Motors is for people who want to be the change.  It is for people who want a cleaner, more energy efficient, safer world.  It is for the people who want to leave a legacy of Driving Different for the betterment of all. 

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