You want to drive something that reflects your values of better health, of freedom from the pump, and a cleaner environment for all.  And if you can have fun and save money while you drive to where you need to go today, then how much the better?!
Myers Motors exists to help you get what you want.   What you, and millions like you, want is to change the world for the better by shedding our dependence on oil and putting on a more energy efficient future with electric vehicles that everyone can afford to buy. 
Our journey to manufacture affordable, practical and fun electric vehicles took its first step when we acquired assets of the paradigm shifting Corbin Sparrow back in 2004.  The Sparrow was an all-electric, single passenger, highway legal, lead-acid battery powered, carpool lane accessible, 120-volt outlet charged, three-wheel vehicle designed to cut down on the road and parking real estate being used by big cars and SUVs that were transporting primarily just one person.
Our journey towards the affordable electric vehicle our world needs included developing what one Department of Energy manager said was “the lowest cost lithium battery system (he had) ever seen.”  It also included having our eyes opened as to how we really travel most of the time, which resulted in thinking that perhaps electric vehicles don’t need to replace gasoline-powered cars but to supplement the use of gasoline-powered cars:  for example, electric vehicles could be used for the shorter range, low occupancy trips that make up the vast majority of our daily driving while reserving the gasoline-powered cars for those longer-range, higher occupancy trips that make up no more than 20% of our driving. 
So, now we come to the place in our journey where we need to test out whether these insights are also your insights.  We come to the place in our journey where we find out if there are enough people who share this vision of changing the world by creating affordable electric vehicles to help us bring this vision to pass.  We come to the place where we ask for your help ... are you ready to stand with us to make this difference?

Our vision for the future is highways full of fun, colorful, single-occupant commuter vehicles that increase energy efficiency by up to 800% and that increase traffic flow by up to 70%. 

Our vision sees our roads filled, not with 3,200 to 5,500 pound vehicles moving a solitary 200-pound person, but with light, agile, fun-to-drive electric cars that reduce wear and tear on the road. 

Our vision sees 40% to 60% of all cars on the road being purpose-built one and two occupant electric vehicles that people buy because these energy efficient vehicles save them money from Day One. 

Our vision sees the oil companies practically begging consumers to use their product because the 2/3rds of their oil output now that is now being burned to fuel our transportation has just dropped to 1/3rd their output. 

Our vision is clean energy powering a clean transportation system.  Isn’t this your vision as well? 
Are you ready to start making your electric transportation dreams come true?

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