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We encourage emails, as they are the best way to correspond, both environmentally and efficiently.  We have more work to do right now than we have staff to do it.  This means that emails, for now, will give you the quickest response time.  Our mailing and phone information are below:

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Phone:  330-630-3768 ext. 5050
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World Changers

Are you looking to change the world?  Are you ready to be part of the adventure of creating the first, peoples priced, highway legal, all electric, car?  Are you an accredited investor?  If this is you, we welcome you to contact our founder, Dana Myers, by emailing us at:

job creators

Is it your goal to create good paying jobs in your locale?   Can you put together a dream package for a dream team -- to build the most affordable and the most energy efficient electric car in America?   If this is your dream come true, it is also that of our founder and we may have something to talk about.  Feel free to contact our founder, Dana Myers, at:     


The future of transportation is electric!  The right kind and mix of electric cars will be the most affordable, energy efficient cars to drive and, as such, will lead to a 50% market share quicker than you realize.  If you want to be one of the limited number of dealers that will be part of this future, contact us at:      

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