Kick-starting the 2nd EV Revolution: 
The 2nd EV Revolution is about filling our roads with energy efficient electric vehicles that are practical enough so that everyone can drive an EV – and affordable enough so they want to.  
To start this 2nd EV Revolution, what better way to start than with the most energy efficient, most fun to drive, most affordable electric vehicle possible?  From the experience of the hundreds of people who have driven the three-wheel version of this designed-just-for-you vehicle (Sparrow and Myers Motors NmG), it is hard to top the enjoyment of driving cleanly through life, attracting positive affirmation for a goal bigger than just yourself, while agilely zipping past gasoline stations at almost 200 mpg in a vehicle built just for you.

Crowd-Funding a Car?!
21st Century technologies make it possible to crowd-fund most or all of the cost of bringing an electric car to life.  Myers Motors has devoted nine (9) years to developing the technologies, partners, and manufacturing approaches necessary to bring this affordable, 80 mph, four-wheel, electric car to life on a budget that fits the crowd-funding platform.  Your interest in changing the world, combined with 21st Century technologies being brought to bear on 21st Century transportation needs, can kick-start this 2nd EV Revolution. 
Why Reserve Your Personal Electric Vehicle Now? 
This is your opportunity to bring to life a vehicle that will give you a choice to get off oil and save money.  This is your opportunity to be part of creating the better future about which you have dreamed. This is your opportunity to build an electric car that symbolizes many of the values you hold dear:  integrity, sustainability, energy efficiency, acceleration, freedom, and the value of a dollar.  In short, this is your opportunity to be part of the adventure of going where no man has gone before. Your reservation, today, will jump start our efforts to bring this extraordinary 2nd Revolution, personal electric vehicle, to you.
Incentives to Save You Money
The Federal government allows a federal tax credit in the amount of $7,500 for people who buy four-wheel, highway legal, electric car that has 16 kWh of battery capacity.  Many States have financial and other incentives for buyers of electric vehicles.  Georgia, for example, offers 20% of the EV purchase price as an additional incentive to buy an electric vehicle – bringing the base cost of this Myers Motors car down to under $13,000 (after all incentives have been applied but before taxes, delivery, options and all other charges have been added).  Georgia, like other States, also offers carpool lane access to EV owners to further incentivize the purchase of EVs by giving their owners a way to save time during rush hour traffic.   
For an easy way to find out what your State offers, you can check with your State or look it up at:
Select Vehicle Specifications: 
This extraordinary electric vehicle will meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that are required for it to be “certified” as a four-wheel car, including air bags.  The base model will also include:
  • Range:  60 mile per charge minimum; 100 mile daily range with daytime charging from a standard 120-volt outlet,
  • Top Speed:  80 mph,
  • Storage:   equivalent to at least 1.5 grocery carts,
  • Climate Control:  Heat as standard; AC as an option, and
  • Non-Driving Controls Display:  iPAD or equivalent for music, GPS, etc. 
  • In the near future, we will be asking you help us determine what feature packages you would like to see so that your personal car can best express your unique personality.

Help start the 2nd EV Revolution!

By selecting ONE of the below options, you can pioneer the a new, more energy efficient, healthier future that will benefit us and future generations:
1: Free Reservation - Pilgrim Level
I want to be one of the first 10,000 people to get in line to buy my own personal electric vehicle.  I understand that it costs me nothing to reserve my place in line and that my contact information will not be used for any purpose other than reserving my place in line and communications from the company -- not to exceed four per calendar year. 
Full Name *
Email *
State *
* Required
2: Refundable Deposit - Pioneer Level
I am interested in placing a refundable* deposit.  I understand that my refundable* deposit will be reduce the cost of the vehicle by the amount of my deposit. For example, if I make a $1000 deposit, I will receive an additional $1,000 off the $24,995 MSRP so that my MSRP is actually $23,995.  The $7500 Federal income tax credit and State incentives will/may reduce my purchase price even further. One place to check out your State’s EV incentives can be found at:
Deposit Amount  
PayPal and Major Credit Cards Accepted
* Any bank fees that result will not be refundable – bank fees will not exceed 5% of the deposit

3: Crowd-Funding Deposit - Patriot Level
I am interested in being part of the crowd-funding program**. I understand that my crowd-funding refundable* deposit will be worth 2X my crowd-funding deposit and is available only to the first 1,000 people who sign up for the crowd-funding option.  How the crowd-funding option works: if I make a $1000 crowd-funding deposit, I will also receive $2,000 off the MSRP of my vehicle, so that the MSRP is now $22,995.  The $7,500 Federal Tax Credit will then make your effective MSRP $15,495.  State incentives may bring your effective MSPR to $13,995 or less. State incentives can be found at:
Deposit Amount  

PayPal and Major Credit Cards Accepted
* Any bank fees that result will not be refundable – bank fees will not exceed 5% of the deposit
** See crowd-funding page, here

4: Fast Pass - Pay it Forward Level
I am interested in being part of the “Fast Pass: Pay it Forward Level.”   Those at this level will pay full MSPR (less any Federal and State incentives) – and they will jump to the front of the reservation line.   Deposits on this level will also be part of the crowd-funding program and be subject to those rules for use of funds and refunds.
Deposit Amount  

PayPal and Major Credit Cards Accepted
* Any bank fees that result will not be refundable – bank fees will not exceed 5% of the deposit
** See crowd-funding page, here

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