Start the 2nd ev revolution . .
and save up to $14,000 in fuel!

You can buy $16,000 worth of gasoline* to take you 100,000 miles.
You can buy <$1,900 worth of electricity* to take you 100,000 miles

Fuel Type
Energy Efficiency
Unit Cost
100,000 miles of fuel
25 mpg***
50 mpg
Sedan EV
95 mpg (equivalent)
Personal EV
200 mpg (equivalent)

* $4/gallon; 25 mpg   ** $0.11/kWh; 200MPGe   ***Average mpg of cars in the U.S

start the 2nd ev revolution . . .
by being the man in the mirror
“If you wanna make the world a better place ... take a look at your life ... and then make a change.”  -- Michael Jackson. 

“Everyone” wants the better place that electric vehicles will bring to our world but until now, there hasn’t really been an electric vehicle  cool enough looking, affordable enough to purchase, and practical enough to help bring about that change.  With Myers Motors’ purpose-built electric vehicles, we are now able to help bring that change.

Do you want to be the “man in the mirror” and “make the world a better place” and “make that change” by supporting this 2nd EV Revolution with your reservation? 
Yes, I want to "make that change."

start the 2nd ev revolution . . .
and get a cool looking car!
You could drive a standard looking four-occupant car and look like everyone else driving on the road ... or you could spend $100,000 to drive a high end car ... or you could drive a really cool looking electric car built just for you and let the world applaud.

In style, in a $13,995* Electric CAR built just for you

Help us crowd-fund our 200-mpg (estimated) electric car and you can be the proud owner of one of the coolest looking electric cars in the market – an electric car built just for you – that starts saving you money the day you drive it for the very first time – and that will give you the positive attention you deserve for making our daily transportation more beautiful. 

*MSRP less Federal Tax Credit, less Myers Motors Crowd-Funding Rebate, and less State Incentives (where applicable).  Tax, title, delivery, and choice of options will increase the final cost of the car.  State Incentives are summarized at:


start the 2nd ev revolution . . .
by driving the right vehicle for the right job

Electric vehicle savings (freedom, fuel, finances, fresh air) aren’t yet available for 100% of all U.S. travel – but EVs do hit the sweet spot for about 80% of all U.S. travel. The chart below is designed to help you see where an EV might help you better drive through life – while highlighting the 13% to 20% of travel where a high end EV or a gasoline-powered vehicle makes the most sense.
Where EVs make sense
Where high end EVs and
gas cars make sense
Car Ownership
Daily Range
(Miles per car)
(Riders per Trip)
(Riders and Range)
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