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How did Siggi break free from the pump and exhaust fumes?

"I just like the whole idea of driving around without an exhaust pipe – I guess that's the biggest part of it." Sigurdur Petursson

Sigurdur Petursson had a goal to "get off the pumps " so he began looking for transportation that would help reduce his dependence on gasoline. He considered buying a Smart Car since its high MPG would reduce the amount of gas he used, but hoped that he could do better than that. The first electric vehicles he considered buying were not fast enough. Then he thought about converting a gas-powered car into an electric vehicle, but didn't want to invest that much time. Finally, Sigurdur found the Myers Motors NmG personal electric vehic

Driving his NmG is a lot of fun and Sigurdur gets positive responses while in it. A lot of other drivers wave at him or signal thumbs up when they see him; a common reaction is for people to point at the vehicle and smile. A lot of walkers stop so they can look at the EV. He said, "People get really happy when they see the NmG. It seems that people really want to do something about the gas, but many of them are not finding good solutions."

Like most NmG drivers, Sigurdur kept a gas-powered vehicle to use when his whole family goes out. He drives his NmG to work and for little field trips, like running down to the coffee shop. He also takes it to the grocery store and runs down to the local video store to pick up an evening's entertainment for the family.

The people that know Sigurdur were very interested when they first saw the electric vehicle. Some may have been a little bit shocked at first, but the biggest response was to ask him a lot of questions. Frequently people tell him that the EV looks cool, and then start asking questions. He has even had the chance to talk with a few people who have contemplated buying one.

Sigurdur's advice when considering an EV purchase is simple: ask a lot of questions. He encourages people to make sure that they know where they will recharge the vehicle and how it will be serviced. He encourages people to make sure the vehicle is quick enough for their needs, and to realize that the NmG is designed as a commuter vehicle, not to replace the family minivan. A lot of people are searching for alternatives to gas guzzlers.  For Sigurdur, the choice was clear – drive electric.

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